FlipStone - a puzzle with a solid,
fresh and quality performance

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This is not simple "match 3" game! Discover a new brain-teaser with an original gameplay and two unique game modes.

✪ Take the path from apprentice to wizard in adventure mode and find the ancient temple of masons. The map will keep you on track. The magic of the runes will give you power to master all the difficulties along the way.

✪ Ready to become a real master of survival? Then compete with rivals through vk.com. Set records and share successes with your friends.

The goal of the game is to score maximum points in the "Survival" mode and pass all the tests in the "Adventure" mode. The gameplay consists of stone activations resulting in their flipping. Adjoining stones of same color flip in one shot. The game has limitations and complexities, as well as additional tasks. Various power-ups and boosters will help you reach the goal.

Key features:

  • A dynamic brain-teaser with an unusual gameplay;
  • Two unique game modes;
  • More than 50 levels;
  • A set of achievements;
  • Integration with social networks in survival mode;
  • Bright bonus surprises.

Bored by the lectures at the university or at school? Standing in the line without things to do? We can help you kill some time! FlipStone is a brand new «tap-sticking» game that makes you pass the time! Download the game for free and experience the magic of the runes now!